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CPU'S 2 & 3

Oblivianstudio found the files for CPU'S 2 & 3, meaning, for the full release of demo 5, there is a very strong chance that there will be more then one CPU to battle with. At the moment it has one attack but we are programming more attacks so the fighting will become extreme.


New Blog Authors

Well, as you may know, Fuzzy isn't completely around anymore. So, he has appointed 4 Administrators [of the forums] to update the blog with news about the game. Now you expect many, many updates in the future. The following authors are:
FireDragon (Forum Manager)
Lukearcade22 (Forum Vice President)
Volsome (Normal Administrator)
And, I, Slick (Assistant Manager)
I hope you keep up with the on-going updates, and thank you for reading

New Stages

Actually Hiei Added the NDS Stage DK Isle Treetop Down and as Volsome said Delfino Plaza. Currently I am aproving the extras by implementing a section for Character Biographies under Vault. Now I'll try to update you on every day.

-Oblivian Studio

13-1st October, 2008 = Stafy Icon edited
13-1st October, 2008 = "About us" is added
13-1st October, 2008 = "Downloads Demo 4" edited
14-19th October, 2008 = Tails added in "Characters"
15-19th October, 2008 = Toon Link added in "Characters"
16-19th October, 2008 = Shy Guy added in "Characters"
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